This explains the basis on which we will carry out all work on your behalf.

1. People responsible for your work

Anthony Hall is a qualified UK Solicitor on the Roll with the Law Society. Anthony is also an admitted New York attorney and member of the New York Bar. Entertainment Advice Ltd is not however a law firm and our consultants are currently non-practising solicitors.

2. Charges and expenses

Our charges are based on the time we spend dealing with a matter. Time spent on your affairs will include meetings with you and others; any time spent traveling; considering, preparing, drafting and working on papers; correspondence; and making and receiving telephone calls.

We will charge you on a time basis per hour for each hour engaged on your matter from now until the rates are reviewed. If your instructions mean we have to work outside normal office hours, or involve matters of extreme urgency, complexity or difficulty, we reserve the right to increase the level of the hourly rate. If we have to travel to meetings on your behalf, these will be charged at a minimum half-day rate. From time to time we will review the hourly rate to take account of changes in our overhead costs and notify you in writing of any increased rate.

In addition to the time spent, we may take into account a number of factors which include the complexity of the issues, the speed at which action must be taken, the expertise or specialist knowledge that the matter requires and, if appropriate, the value of any property or subject matter involved. On the basis of the information currently available, we expect these factors to be adequately covered by the hourly rates set out above. These rates may be higher if, for example, the matter becomes more complex than expected; we will notify you of this. Where applicable, we will add VAT to our charge at the rate that applies when the work is done. At present, VAT is 20%.

Our costs may also include disbursements and other expenses (such as travel) on which VAT may be payable. Should we enter into either a contingency payment or a fixed fee agreement with you these will not take effect until we have received back from you a signed copy of that agreement. Until then we shall continue to charge you on a time basis.

3. Estimate

We have given an estimate of our charges and expenses for dealing with the first stage of work in your matter. This estimate is not intended to be fixed and we will give you estimates of our likely charges and expenses as the matter progresses and at least every three months. We will inform you if any unforeseen additional work becomes necessary (for example, due to unexpected difficulties or if your requirements or the circumstances significantly change during the course of the matter). We will also inform you of its estimated cost in writing before any extra charges and expenses are incurred.

4. Money on account/ Money Laundering

It is normal practice to ask clients to pay sums of money from time to time on account of the charges and expenses which are expected in the following weeks or months. This helps to avoid delay in the progress of their matter. We will need a sum on account of our charges and to enable payment of expenses before we start work on your matter. We may request further payments on account for charges and expenses to be incurred as the matter progresses. When we put these payments towards your bill/s, we will send you a receipted bill. We will offset any such payments against your final bill, but it is important that you understand that your total charges and expenses may be greater than any advance payments. We may at any time hereafter require you to submit personal proof of your identity (which may include taking copies of your passport) in order to satisfy any requirements regarding relevant money laundering rules and regulations.

5. Billing arrangements

To help you budget, we will send you an interim bill for our charges and expenses at the end of each month or quarter while the work is in progress. We will send a final bill after completion of the work. Payment is due to us within 14 days of our sending you a final bill. We will charge you interest on the bill at 8% per year from the date of the bill if you do not pay our bill within this time. Interest will be charged on a daily basis. If you have any query about your bill, please contact us straight away.

6. Storage of papers and documents

After completing the work, we are entitled to keep all your papers and documents while there is money owing to us for our charges and expenses. We will keep our file of papers (except for any of your papers which you ask to be returned to you) for no more than 6 years. We keep the file on the understanding that we have the authority to destroy it 6 years after the date of the final bill we send you for this matter. If we retrieve papers or documents from storage in relation to continuing or new instructions to act in connection with your affairs, we will not normally charge for such retrieval. However, we may make a charge based on time spent producing stored papers or documents to you or another at your request. We may also charge for reading, correspondence or other work necessary to comply with the instructions given by you or on your behalf.

7. Jurisdiction

This Agreement is to be construed pursuant to the laws of England and Wales. You agree that any dispute regarding this Agreement and/or arising from, relating to, or connected with the provision by us of services to you is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales save that at our sole option we may commence proceedings in such jurisdiction as you are domiciled or resident.

8. Termination

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time but we will be entitled to keep all your papers and documents while there is money owing to us for our charges and expenses.

In some circumstances, you may consider we ought to stop acting for you, for example, if you cannot give clear or proper instructions on how we are to proceed, or if it is clear that you have lost confidence in how we are carrying out your work.

We may decide to stop acting for you only with good reason, for example, if you do not pay an interim bill or comply with our request during the course of this matter for a payment on account. We must give you reasonable notice that we will stop acting for you.

If you or we decide that we will no longer act for you, you will pay our outstanding charges on an hourly basis and expenses as set out earlier.

9. Communication between you and us

We are confident of providing a high quality service in all respects. If, however, you have any queries or concerns about our work for you, please raise them in the first instance with the supervising consultant. If that does not resolve the problem to your satisfaction or you would prefer not to speak to the supervising consultant then please contact our client care consultant who is Anthony Hall.

We aim to promptly resolve problems that may arise with our services and it is therefore important that you immediately arise any concerns you may have with our services. We value you and would not wish to think you have reason to be unhappy with us.

10. Conclusion

Unless otherwise agreed, these terms of business apply to any future instructions you give us. Your continuing instructions in this matter will amount to your acceptance of these terms and conditions of business.