We can advise on and help with all relevant industry contracts. Examples are given below. We can also advise on copyright and related issues (including sampling and sample clearance, moral rights and trade mark advice), band, partnership and management issues and general music industry advice, including dealing with the various collection societies.

We act for Independent Record Labels and Publishers, Composers, Musicians, Producers, Studios and Mastering Suites, Artists, Bands and Managers.

EA are a recommended adviser on the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters’ (BACS) and the PRS’ legal referral panels. Anthony Hall sits on the BPI Rights Committee, which regularly meets to discuss current legal and business affairs issues affecting the UK recording industry (from both an Independent and Major label perspective).

Our consultants have also appeared on panels and Q&A advice sessions for BBC Radio 1, the Winter Music Conference (Miami), BACS and MusicTank.

Artists and Composers:

// Band Partnership and Shareholder Agreements
// Management and Representation Agreements (including Agency Agreements)
// Producer/Remixer Agreements
// Publishing and Songwriting Agreements
// Recording Agreements
// Session Musician Agreements
// Single-song and album licenses and assignments
// Sponsorship deals
// Tour Agreements
// Music Video and DVD Agreements
// Advice on royalty retrieval and audits
// Broad Intellectual Property advice

Labels and Publishers:

// Distribution Agreements
// Licensing Agreements
// Publishing and Songwriting Agreements
// Recording Agreements
// Synchronization Agreements
// Collection Society Advice

Copyright and related issues:

// Brand Protection
// Copyright and the roles of the Collecting Societies
// Sampling Issues
// Trade Mark advice and registration
// Internet and mobile phone distribution related advice and agreements

The above is not an exhaustive list.

Please contact Anthony for more details