EA Ltd was established in January 2004 as a legal advice consultancy to provide quality legal and business affairs advice to the entertainment and media industries.

Our services to the music and TV industries include contract negotiations, drafting and analysis. We also advise UK colleges and students on copyright and current Intellectual Property issues and are able to offer a comprehensive range of services relating to legal and business affairs matters throughout the entertainment sector.

Clients range from leading independent television production companies and on-screen talent, to well-known artists, managers, musicians, music publishers, entrepreneurs and record labels. Special consideration is given to those starting out in the business with practical career advice and non-prohibitive costs.

Our consultants have practical experience on "both sides of the fence" (as both artists and commercial media lawyers), and EA Ltd understands very well the practical and commercial needs of our clients.

Please contact info@entertainmentadvice.co.uk to discuss your legal or commercial requirements.